your dirty little secret (xxgo_alonexx) wrote in masksofdrama,
your dirty little secret

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Hello everyone, I've just joined the community <3

Well, I got the horrible news today that I'm going to be rejected for the part of Juliet in a production of, of course, Romeo and Juliet. I've wanted to play Juliet ever since I was a little girl, and these people are refusing to even let me audition because I'm 17, not 18. ONE YEAR. Wow. I know its really silly to be upset about it, because there are always other chances, but I had already been told I could audition and had my hopes up. I hate it that they let me get so excited, then slammed me down.

I was just wondering if anyone had similar experiences, because its always fun to bitch about things with people who've already gone through them, don't you agree xD
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